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pregnancyFor many women, pregnancy is one of the most exciting, wonderful, joyful times of their lives, especially that of their first child. However, for a large number of women, the pregnancy can present with a number of difficulties and many of those can be physical aches and pains. This was certainly the case with me during my pregancy with my daughter Victoria, who is now 15months old.

Some of the most common conditions pregnant women can face during pregnancy are:

–          Pelvic Instability

–          Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

–          Neck, shoulder, and back pain

–          General postural change

–          Headaches/migraines

–          …and much more.


During pregancy, the hormone relaxin is produced and released into the body system. This hormone, as the name suggests, ‘relaxes’ or softens the ligaments around the joints of the pelvisto allow the pelvis to expand and adjust to your growing and changing body. Relaxin however can also be the cause of much discomfort when the ligaments loosen too much. This effect of relaxin during the pregnancy, can cause lasting pain even after the baby has been born. If you believe you are suffering from symptoms of pelvic instability, our Myotherapists may be able to help you.


During pregnancy, especially during the later months of pregnancy as the size of the belly becomes more prominent, changes in posture occur. This is mainly due to the change in the centre of gravity due to the expanding belly and the increasing weight. Muscles, joints, ligaments, etc, can all come under increased strain as the body undergoes these changes. For eg, this can cause increased neck and shoulder pain due to an increase in the ‘head poke’ posture, and lower back pain due to an increase in the curve of the lower back under the weight of the baby.

It is important to ensure that you are looking after yourself and your body during your pregnancy, hence if you are suffering from pain during or after your pregnancy, come and see one of our Myotherapists today. We have our beautiful ‘belly pillow’ at our clinic for your comfort.


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