Golfers Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis) Bentleigh

golfers elbow‘Golfers Elbow’ is similar to ‘Tennis Elbow’ except the dysfunction occurs in the tendons of the muscles that flex your wrist – primarily the Pronator Teres muscle. The injured site is located on inside part of your elbow, the medial epicondyle. It involves the subsequent micro tearing of musculo-tendinous tissue with subsequent upset in the collagen formation at the common flexor pronator’s tendons at the medial epicondyle. ’Golfers Elbow’ can involve the triceps tendon.

What causes it?

‘Golfers Elbow’ is caused by damaged muscle tissue at the point it attaches to the arm at the elbow. It occurs when there is more force is applied to an area than the normal healthy tissues can handle. This type of force can occur from sports or activities of daily living. Believe it or not this condition more common in ‘non-golf’ players. ‘Golfers Elbow’ can occur from bad techniques of activities, sudden increases in exercises frequency or intensity or from intrinsic factors such as equipment used, and lack of flexibility in muscles or muscle weakness.


  • Aching pain or sharp pain as well as tenderness down lateral forearm
  • There is local tenderness near the medial elbow pain and may be trigger points in the wrist flexors
  • Pain is usually provoked by activities involving gripping tasks or resisted wrist/finger flexion.
  • Pain can also be present when the muscles are stretched.
    Some sufferers will also have neck stiffness and tenderness.
    Most elbow movements will be pain-free.
    There can be numbness and altered sensation  from the elbow down to the wrist

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